The primary goals and objective of Ghazali Institute of Medical Science is follow

  • 1.To enhance/improve the quality medical education services available to students in Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences, Peshawar.
  • 2.To contribute towards the improvement of health status of the peoples not only of this region by providing competent and well trained medical professionals /scientists, to serve in different for flung areas.
  • 3. To provide facilities, resources and services that will ensure a forthcoming independent leadership, technical skills and creative thinking in medical field.4. To provide quality education and skills in an affordable fee structure.
  • 5.The institute will to ensure academic excellence through quality education in peaceful environment for all.
  • 6.The goal to spread education from out of borders cannot be achieved only by the public sector but the private sector is the maximum shareholder in the development and imparting education in medical field.