About Us

Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences, Peshawar has been serving humanity by creating medical professional who deliver in different hospitals and clinics for very long. Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences, Peshawar is a paramedical college where medical professional are learning modern approached to the field of medical science. Institute has affiliation with Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Peshawar and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Medical Faculty for exams and certificate issuing which have recognition throughout Pakistan and abroad. The institute established in 2008 in Peshawar and having braches in Buner, Dargi and Chitral where the same prototype of management and mode of facilitations of students are carrying forward in order to contribute to health. In Peshawar, the Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences is located on Arbab Road, University Road, Peshawar, having library, laboratory and museum of all concerned technologies where more than six hundred students are kept updated about new researches and methods by faculty members who have graduated from different universities of Pakistan.